Training planning & performance diagnostics - company fitness and training plan marathon & triathlon

If you want to achieve more with your training and increase your performance or endurance, then Hahn-Training-Systems TM is the right place for you. The team creates training plans tailored to your needs, supports you and your company with company fitness or takes care of professional performance diagnostics with which you can optimize your training.

Training schedule for the marathon

For many athletes it is a big goal to participate in a marathon and to land on one of the first places. However, especially at the beginning of the endurance training it is almost impossible to participate in a marathon. In order to achieve set goals, it makes sense to get professional support. Let Hahn-Training-Systems TM create an individual training plan for you to participate in a marathon. Your training will be optimized so that you benefit from more endurance and stronger leg muscles. Don't leave your participation to chance, take part in the marathon thanks to a training plan. A training plan for a marathon is not only useful for beginners, but is also worth considering for advanced athletes. If the training plan is tailored to marathon performance, you will certainly achieve better results during your run and benefit from more competitive performance.

Training plan for triathlon

It is also possible to have a training plan prepared for triathlon competitions. You will achieve even better results with the training plan for triathlon if you use the performance diagnostics of Hahn-Training-Systems TM. The qualified team of looks at your strengths and weaknesses within the scope of a performance diagnostics and then prepares an informative analysis for you. In addition, you will receive your personal training plan to conduct triathlon competitions. The training plan for triathlon is optimized so that endurance and muscle strength during cycling, running and swimming provide top results.

Performance diagnostics optimizes results

The tests used in performance diagnostics are extremely precise and are subject to strict controls time and again. This is the only way Hahn-Training-Systems TM can provide you with reliable data with which you can optimize your training planning. By the way, you can combine both services. Performance diagnostics is the ideal basis for creating an individual training plan. With such a training plan you will benefit from more fitness and endurance in no time at all. Trust the experts and don't bother with the time-consuming training planning, but take advantage of the Hahn-Training-Systems TM offer and start training right away.

Company fitness has several advantages

Do you spend hours sitting in front of your PC? Offer your employees a successful change, which additionally promotes health. Company fitness is the ideal way to prevent back pain and joint pain. In addition, the staff will provide you with a little variety at the workplace. Corporate fitness also strengthens the sense of community in your company, so that you will benefit from greater cohesion and motivation in your company afterwards.

Would you like a personal offer?

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