Saddle Fitting

The saddle

We always thought about how to find the optimal saddle for you next to the most important contact point to the bike, the interface foot-pedal. We looked at your old saddle to see if you are comfortable with it or not, and then we gave you some saddles to try. Thanks to your feedback we were able to narrow this down further and further, in the end we still found a suitable saddle.

To try out your one or other saddle you still can't quite get around, we always said that we don't think that you can "only" measure the perfect saddle, but our preferred saddle manufacturer Prologo has developed something that makes it possible to set the right direction after first tests.

We have now been certified as an official MyOwn dealer.

You will then receive the recommended type of saddle and if necessary an alternative for testing, in practice it has been shown that this is a good starting point to get closer to the saddle that is comfortable for you and to realize a really good driving feeling in a short time.
In most cases the first saddle proves to be much more comfortable than your model which is not so comfortable so that a real relief and improvement is achieved immediately.

This procedure is of course included in all Bike-Fit examinations.

The following video gives you a small overview of the process:

Official  Prologo

A saddle must always be tested at the end, but we always have a variety of saddles for you in the shop. However, since there are nowadays an almost infinite number of saddles, it makes sense to limit this in advance. The MyOwn system helps you directly select the saddle models to test which probably fit your physical requirements.

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