Power Package

How does the power package work? 

The power package offers comprehensive, personal support, which gives you the full concentration for what is important: your training! We permanently control your training performance with the sent data (files from heart rate monitor or powermeter) and analyze the training data. Therefore we use leading analysis systems, in connection with our qualification and our experience you can be sure that your data will be used optimally! If necessary we react immediately and change the plan accordingly, and if necessary 2x within 4 weeks. The unlimited contact feature will never leave you out in the rain.

With service guarantee - otherwise a refund! 

Advantages of the Power Package 

The absolute flexibility of this package is an absolute must for all athletes working in professions with frequently changing working hours (firemen, doctors, nurses, flight attendants...), but also for all those who expect constant and immediate support. Highest adaptability (incl. all necessary changes), fastest processing times and constant success control distinguish this program. The 14-day analysis of your data that we perform guarantees you a training plan up to date, and of course we change the plan without being asked if we see an occasion to do so after analyzing the training data.

Your training files are continuously scanned by us, as soon as we detect deviations that indicate that your training zones are no longer up to date, we suggest a field test or a diagnosis to adjust your training zones (check out the plus packages to be sure to be always in the right zones)! In addition, your individual power profile is constantly updated, where one athlete can cope with intervals of 12 min duration another can only drive 7 min - we know how it must be for you. If your performance improves or you have been ill and need to have a reduction, we recognize this and can react. The advantage in comparison to earlier times, when a performance diagnosis was carried out on suspicion, is that you spend much more time in your optimal training zones (if you do enough testings, of course).


> individual
> highly flexible
> individual model for stress and recovery analysis and performance predictions
> if adjustment necessary then usually within 24h, guaranteed in 48h !
> 2 changes possible for each current plan, regardless of scope
> unlimited contact with the coach 
> fourteen-day inspection of the training data
> For an individual plan, which will always be adapted for you after your results by an expert very good price-performance ratio! 

Restrictions compared to the Premium Package

> less frequent recalculation of your individual training model
> no weekly training analyses
> no unlimited change possibilities
> no 24h response time guaranteed
> Dates must be announced 48h before the next training plan

Recommendation for: Every kind of ambitious athlete who attaches great importance to maximum individualization, strives for the best performance, wants to have his recorded training data optimally analyzed with a patented system. 

Special Services/Options

Pacing for races

The fact that you get exact instructions for your competitions as you have to deny these of course, for an extra charge an exact Pacing can be calculated for you. This takes into account your bike material, the exact conditions on the course, the expected weather conditions, etc. With a compatible device, such as Wahoo or Garmin, you can then race each section in a manner similar to navigating by exact defaults. The optimal performance is shown for each section, so you can optimally load and quickly reach the bike goal, and then also run accordingly well. This service is free of charge for customers in ongoing training support who have bought a compatible device from us, for all others available for an additional charge.
We think that a customer in the Ironman finishes the race between 15 and 30 minutes faster than if he works with key data such as average or training data. 

Nutritional Optimization 

Nutrition is another important cornerstone of successful athletic performance, therefore we offer an additional nutritional optimization for only 10,- per 4 weeks. For each workout you get exactly the right amount of fluids and nutrition, which drink is suitable for which workout, in this workout a gel with or without caffeine and when a recovery drink is useful and when not - all this is listed in detail in the plan. Of course you also get exact specifications for your races.

Basic Package

from € 49per 4 weeks
  • For the ambitious beginner and newcomer to individual training planning. 
  • Since April 2019 also on Final Surge, one change per plan, plan by professional (no software), but no coach contact
  • Cancel at any time!

Power Package

Most popular
from € 79per 4 weeks
  • For competitive athletes, athletes with special demands on their care with regard to special goals or if the necessity of a particularly flexible care is necessary 
  • Money back service guarantee!


from € 99per 4 weeks
  • The ultimate package for the highest demands. Unrestricted change options. Best possible use of power meters and heart rate monitors.
  • Unlimited plan adjustments included.
  • Money back service guarantee!

Upgrade Plus Package

from €  25additional per 4 weeks
  • In addition to the training package all performance diagnostics included!
  • Individual form tests integrated into the training.
  • Adjustment of the training zones even  from the training results.