Plus Packages

What are the Plus Packages?

In 2011 we have modernized our analysis possibilities of the training of our customers so far that we can gain a wealth of knowledge from them. For example, we can determine exactly whether the individual workouts have the right load level, whether they were too high or too low, we can ensure that an athlete never comes to a race with a poor recovery, we can make precise predictions and also recognize whether the customer's current training areas are still applicable. 

On the other hand, we notice that our customers often have completely different views, such as striving for performances that are simply not possible at time x and also cannot estimate how efficient they are, or whether it is advisable to redefine the training zones. To put it a little bluntly, one could say that the view often exists "test once and then year after year", but since especially new customers in particular are improving extremely quickly, the training zones are just as quickly out of date.

For a proper progress it is of course necessary to set the training stimuli always optimally, because our programs anyway very purposefully and dosed on certain metabolic areas target this is of special importance. After all, athletes come to us to make the most efficient use of their time.

If an improvement is sought, it must be found.

Advantages of the Plus Packages

The Plus Packages are the complete package for the ambitious athlete who wants to concentrate on his big goal.

The Plus Packages include all services of the training packages, but additionally include the necessary test program directly, resulting in considerable price advantages. And, as a result of the evaluations of the training files, the training areas are continuously recalculated, so it can also be ensured between the performance tests that you spend as little time as possible in out-of-date training zones.

This feature is only available in the Plus packages!

Nothing is left to chance, you can't develop more efficiently, time that isn't used efficiently doesn't exist anymore!


> All advantages of the training package
> Price advantages for diagnostics
> Regular form checks
> Continuous recalculation of the training areas from the training data if necessary
> Optimal combination of laboratory, field tests and analysis from hard training sessions
> Automatic data transfer and plan adjustment
> Easy to perform as integrated into the normal workout
> Optimal performance tracking and improved success


When booking an individual sport a performance diagnostics or field test every 12 weeks included, when booking a triathlon a performance diagnostics or field test bike and run as well as a field test swimming every 12 weeks. In addition, the training zones are recalculated continuously when working with a powermeter, the resulting adjustments are unlimited.


The prices range between additional  25,- and 35,- per 4 weeks, the details for each training package can be found in the registration form.

Basic Package

from € 49per 4 weeks
  • For the ambitious beginner and newcomer to individual training planning. 
  • Since April 2019 also on Final Surge, one change per plan, plan by professional (no software), but no coach contact
  • Cancel at any time!

Power Package

Most popular
from € 79per 4 weeks
  • For competitive athletes, athletes with special demands on their care with regard to special goals or if the necessity of a particularly flexible care is necessary 
  • Money back service guarantee!


from € 99per 4 weeks
  • The ultimate package for the highest demands. Unrestricted change options. Best possible use of power meters and heart rate monitors.
  • Unlimited plan adjustments included.
  • Money back service guarantee!

Upgrade Plus Package

from 25additional per 4 weeks
  • In addition to the training package all performance diagnostics included!
  • Individual form tests integrated into the training.
  • Adjustment of the training zones even  from the training results.