Made-to-measure insoles

Why special insoles?

Every foot is different, but of course the manufacturer cannot consider this in advance. Our philosophy is to support your foot individually and at affordable prices. A correction at any price is not our goal, especially if there are no problems. However, since problems can occur if, for example, a hollow arch of the foot is always in a shoe with a completely flat insole, it makes sense to start here. Therefore, each time we buy a running shoe, we exchange the insoles for one that is adapted to the foot. This is not a custom-made one, but a preformed one that is adapted to the 3 foot types.
This would not even be possible for the manufacturer of shoes in advance, imagine getting a running shoe with a very pronounced arch, but with a flat foot.

The following slideshow shows the connections and the complexity of the arch of the foot as well as the possible effects on the entire posture.

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