Cardiovascular Anti-Stress Center

Pre-examination performance diagnostics and altitude training

In addition to the body scan and blood pressure measurement, a preliminary examination of the heart is a matter of course for us.

The high-tech telemedical measuring device clue medical SPORT is the central core of the examination. This completely new analyzer quickly and reliably provides information on the early detection of heart diseases, the stress level and psychograms for assessing training types and performance.
The system for stress measurement patented by Clue Medical SPORT is the only medically approved device that provides valuable scientific data in this context.

Thanks to the course of the ECG and the medical journal, we can not only advise a specialist medical examination in the event of anomalies, but also provide the examination results immediately for evaluation by a specialist.
We recommend athletes to consult a specialist for an ECG once a year, such an examination cannot be replaced.