Nutritional Optimization

Nutrition is another important cornerstone of successful athletic performance, therefore we offer an additional nutritional optimization for only 10,- per 4 weeks. For each workout you get exactly the right amount of fluids and nutrition, which drink is suitable for which workout, in this workout a gel with or without caffeine and when a recovery drink is useful and when not - all this is listed in detail in the plan. So that we can advise you optimally we are only able to give this exact information for products which we have in our product range and use ourselves and are therefore very familiar with it, not for external products.

Basic Package

from € 49per 4 weeks
  • For the ambitious beginner and newcomer to individual training planning. 
  • Since April 2019 also on Final Surge, one change per plan, plan by professional (no software), but no coach contact
  • Cancel at any time!

Power Package

Most popular
from € 79per 4 weeks
  • For competitive athletes, athletes with special demands on their care with regard to special goals or if the necessity of a particularly flexible care is necessary 
  • Money back service guarantee!


from € 99per 4 weeks
  • The ultimate package for the highest demands. Unrestricted change options. Best possible use of power meters and heart rate monitors.
  • Unlimited plan adjustments included.
  • Money back service guarantee!

Upgrade Plus Package

from € 25additional per 4 weeks
  • In addition to the training package all performance diagnostics included!
  • Individual form tests integrated into the training.
  • Adjustment of the training zones even  from the training results.