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In the section Bike Fit our history goes back almost as far as in performance diagnostics, already in 2006 athletes came to a diagnostics and asked for a look at their bike because they did not feel comfortable on it. Carsten completed his intermediate diploma in the area of physical education with 1.0, in combination with practical experience at the highest level many customers could be helped here.

In 2008 we started to use the "classic" Bike Fit System with our customers and can look back on a number of satisfied customers. We also apply this technology before buying a bike when we build bikes directly to measure.

August 2014 we decided to go further and bring our possibilities to the highest possible level, the result is our best BikeFit ever, we are sure to get even more out of everyone - just try it!

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Background Information

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Our best Bike-Fit

Saddle measurement

Tailored Insoles

Below you will find some videos showing the operation of the bike-fitting in brief. It also becomes clear why we think that one can measure body angles additionally, but we are of the opinion that if this is done exclusively no objective result can come out.

Bike-Fit Bike

Our measuring bike was built exactly according to our wishes. This enables millimetre-accurate adjustment during movement, even with high performance.

Front View

Here are some insights into the work steps from the front.

Side View

Here are some insights into the working steps when the measuring bike is turned sideways to the camera.


As already described, this is the most important step that represents the big improvement compared to our previous measurements. Of course, as you can see, we can measure all angles and adjust them to the theoretical ideal, but we can now see exactly where it really is ideal for you and even if this is outside theoretical values.


  • Members are customers in ongoing training support, they get price advantages in diagnostics, altitude training and bike-fit measurements.


  • Non-members are customers who are not in ongoing training support