Basic Package

How does the Basic Package work? 

Our basic package enables you to train individually and purposefully. All relevant factors are recorded beforehand in our questionnaire and implemented optimally for you in an advanced training program. You get a workout from someone who does sports himself and are not handled by a computer program. The plan is also not fixed and will be adapted according to your goals (and changes such as new races, change of your race date...).

Advantages of the Basic Package 

You will receive an absolutely individual training plan tailored to your time budget at an entry-level price. Without any further effort for you, your plan automatically builds up to your respective goal, which we always keep an eye on. By effectively using the time available to you, you will get there  by with a minimum of training hours. You can record your workouts on your online portal, which enables us to further optimize your training for each new plan every 4 weeks through appropriate evaluations. So (depending on the quality of the reported data) your weaknesses can be detected and improved, or exactly what is necessary for your race can be trained.


The plans will also be posted on our premium portal Fonal Surge, there are no more restrictions in the area of stretching and strength plans, one change per plan is now included!


> inexpensive
> individual
> time-saving
> automatically builds up
> once per plan complete analysis of the reported data by the trainer
> one change per 4 weeks plan possible, independent of complexity & volume
> Each plan is adapted to the feedback & evaluation data
> optimal for athletes who can plan in the medium term
> Upload of training files or synchronization with Wahoo, Garmin...

Restrictions compared to higher packages 

> only one change in the current plan possible
> Events, changes in availability and such things must be made up to one week before the next plan.
> no further advice, answers to questions or contact with the trainer
> Checking the training protocols "only" once per training plan

The basic package runs automatically and contains a check of the confirmed data for each training plan, and change in the current training plan. There are no further consultations or contact with the trainer, the planning is made exclusively as a result of the reported data. We check your feedback before each new plan that is created and develop the planning based on it constantly. This results in an individual adjustment helping you to reach your optimum at this price, and you train under optimal use of your time.

Recommendation for: Beginners, weight reduction, athletes without heart rate monitor with data download option or without power meter, athletes looking for a reasonable price and not interested in the optimal planning which is only possible with a closer control and analysis of training files. The biggest difference to the other packages is the less detailed and less intensive analysis, therefore another package should be selected if you want to achieve your personal best performance and monitor your own shape development and fatigue.

Basic Package

from € 49per 4 weeks
  • For the ambitious beginner and newcomer to individual training planning. 
  • Since April 2019 also on Final Surge, one change per plan, plan by professional (no software), but no coach contact
  • Cancel at any time!

Power Package

Most popular
from € 79per 4 weeks
  • For competitive athletes, athletes with special demands on their care with regard to special goals or if the necessity of a particularly flexible care is necessary 
  • Money back service guarantee!


from € 99per 4 weeks
  • The ultimate package for the highest demands. Unrestricted change options. Best possible use of power meters and heart rate monitors.
  • Unlimited plan adjustments included.
  • Money back service guarantee!

Upgrade Plus Package

from €  25additional per 4 weeks
  • In addition to the training package all performance diagnostics included!
  • Individual form tests integrated into the training.
  • Adjustment of the training zones even  from the training results.