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Welcome to Altitudetraining-NRW!

On these pages we would like to inform you about the possibilities of our altitude training room in Witten.

Behind the concept is Hahn-Training-Systems TM.

Hahn-Training-Systems offers performance diagnostics and training planning, health programs for companies and a large accessories shop for endurance athletes with excellent advice from athletes to athletes under one roof.

The goal of company founder Carsten Hahn in 2005 was to offer a service package for holistic training planning of the highest quality. The requirement was that this should meet the requirements of the former World Championships bronze medallist himself.

On these pages we would like to inform you specifically about our height training room, for which target groups a use is possible/suitable, which devices are available and which possibilities they offer for different user groups.

One might think now that such a training room is only for very ambitious athletes, but far from it, various target groups can profit from a use.
We would like to show you these possibilities on these pages.

Altitude Training - History


Scientific Background

Areas of application & further possibilities


Only two prices for maximum transparency 


40 per 4 weeks
  • Members are customers in ongoing training support, they get price advantages in diagnostics, altitude training and bike-fit measurements.


50 per 4 weeks
  • Non-members are customers who are not in ongoing training support