Why have we integrated strength training into the training room, is altitude training not only for endurance athletes, are positive effects to be expected? The answer is a very clear yes.

Already in Carsten's diploma thesis, which examined the importance and training habits of strength training among top athletes, it was clear that almost every top athlete surveyed conducted and considered strength training to be very important, but there were strong inconsistencies in the implementation. The impression arose that the training was simply "only" done, but not by far the mental work like in the endurance training was put into this training.

In our performance diagnostics, we often find that the muscle mass (of the legs) is below the average values for the respective age group, especially in runners. One often hears the argument "I don't want to pump myself up like that", but in fact the susceptibility to injury increases when the muscle mass is too low, as well as the maximum performance will hardly be possible.
In addition, it is possible to design a strength training in such a way that muscle mass only builds up when previously there was really a clear deficit, frighteningly (or fortunately when things improve then) we often notice this after half a year of training.

That is why strength training is definitely part of endurance sports for us, of course we have thought about how we can achieve the best possible training effect here as well, more about this under the item Equipment.

For all endurance sports that athletes can complete in our training room, a further gain in form can be expected from supplementary strength training.

Here is an overview of the advantages:

=> Training becomes more effective thanks to new/other training stimuli
=> Performance increase for endurance athletes to be expected
=> Prophylaxis against sports injuries
=> Residence time in the high altitude area can be increased once again
=> Especially for people who basically do not do a circulatory training, an improved effect of the strength training on the heart is due to the high altitude environment.
=> Circulatory system to be expected
=> Essential for rehabilitation

Finally it can be said that we expect an increased training effect for people who only want to do a strength training as well as for endurance athletes who do a supplementary strength training.

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