In addition to the classic goal of ,improving endurance performance, there are other interesting applications.

Weight reduction

A stay/training in our altitude training room can effectively contribute to weight reduction. This is simply due to the fact that the body has to work harder in an oxygen-reduced environment under the same load, all our regular customers who are allowed to use the training room before the completion of this website report an increased heart rate compared to a normal training (at the same speed or performance). In addition, more calories are consumed at the same load under altitude conditions; ideally, the system is switched to burning fat earlier during a workout.

An interesting short article on this topic can be found here (german).

The aspect of "losing weight faster" or "losing weight with less training intensity/expenditure" is certainly an important point, but the component of relieving the supporting and holding apparatus should not be forgotten either. If you want to reduce weight, the difference whether this is only possible by jogging or whether an identical effect can also be achieved by walking can already be decided.

By taking caffeine, access to fat burning can be accelerated even further, and the afterburning effect (post-calorie consumption) also seems to be greater. There are also results that the weight reduction in high altitudes is improved even without sporty movement, but we have made the best experiences with moderate movement.

Asthmatic Illness

Altitude training can also have a positive effect on various problems in the respiratory tract, among others:

- Bronchial asthma
- stress-induced asthma
- chronic respiratory diseases
- pollen allergies
- hay fever
- Also in cases of COPD, chronic cough, bronchitis, etc. positive reports can be found in the research.

An important factor, which has nothing to do with the artificial height in our training room, is of course that it is an extra dense room into which foreign substances such as pollen etc. can hardly penetrate. In addition, the air is specially cleaned and treated, which is also necessary for a carefree training operation as a constant airing is not possible.

In addition to various filter techniques (including microfilters and electrostatic filters), UV radiation is also used, which kills harmful microorganisms such as germs, viruses, fungi (moulds) and bacteria.

This technique is effective against the following:

- house dust mites
- Dust / house dust / fine dust
- pollen
- viruses
- bacteria
- mildew
- Nicotine and tar from cigarettes
- Harmful gases
- Bad smells from cigarettes, the kitchen, waste, pets, toilet smells etc.
- pet hair / skin particles from pets
- bird dust

Even if some of these points (e.g. cigarette smoke, mould, pet congestion) may not occur in the training room anyway, it still shows the effectiveness of the system.
In addition, the training room is heated with infrared radiation in winter, so dry heating air cannot develop.

The actual advantages, i.e. improved oxygen transport and absorption, naturally also have an extremely positive effect on the respiratory problems mentioned, because the respiratory system can cope with the same loads more easily than before after adaptation.


For athletes who are currently struggling with an injury, training in the altitude training room is particularly suitable, a combination with other applications can additionally bring about further improvements.

The reasons why athletes who are forced to reduce their training workload to the altitude training room are manifold, lie in the use of the optimal equipment and on the other hand in the increased training quality.

In detail, the injured athlete benefits from the following points:

- Optimal reconstruction training on air pressure supported training devices which can be adjusted in 1kg steps
- Particularly supportive muscle load through air-supported devices & equal load in the entire movement sequence
- The necessarily lower training intensity is partly compensated by the increased effectiveness of the training at high altitude.
- A mould release can be delayed longer and then runs more slowly
- Safety - Training can be precisely programmed and ended at any time
- Treadmills have very good damping properties under running and walking loads
- Various loads possible, especially for triathletes an alternative discipline can be trained

Due to the excellent equipment and the increased training efficiency, training in injury phases in the height training room is always recommended if the time until recovery plays a role and the loss of form is to be limited as far as possible. Especially if a season high is endangered we can contribute here with these possibilities to deny it nevertheless still successfully.

Further possibilities

An improved oxygen supply (blood formation) of the body can of course be beneficial for many areas, e.g. if someone is very stressed and constantly tired (is burned out), generally susceptible to infections or would like to prepare for a stay at height.
Older people are also expected to feel better and perform better.

Of course, passive stays in the room are also possible, i.e. without sporting activities.

If you miss something here, just talk to us and we'll see together how you can benefit from a training in our rooms - we'll be happy to help you!

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